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Three New Books Published

I turned my hand from nonfiction to writing fiction in the spring of 2015, and after I had completed five novels, I began pondering what to do with them. I'm pleased to announce that Dark Ink Press has recently published the first three.

Spilt Wine weaves a fictional mystery/thriller through the history and culture of the French wine business of the 1960s, 70s and 80s. In crafting this novel, I drew on my experiences with wine importing and exploring the Burgundy canals during that period, and there are autobiographical aspects to the story.

Posted As Missing is set in World War One Europe. Although the opening scene is on a battlefield, this is not a blood-and-guts story. Rather, it is a romantic adventure which follows a missing Canadian soldier as he evades capture after being wounded and trapped behind enemy lines while fighting in Flanders. The story has now spawned two sequels which are being prepared for publication, and I'm working on a fourth volume to the series.

Unknown Diners is set in contemporary Vancouver and the surrounding area. I've drawn on my background in the wine and restaurant businesses to craft this story.

Reviewing restaurants is normally a safe pursuit, but Lorne and Catherine face torture and death when they try to unravel organised crime’s infiltration of the fine dining scene.

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